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Solar & Battery

With the constant changes in bills and spiralling costs of energy, now is a great time to look at solar PV panels, and battery storage.

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    Whether you are looking to do your bit for the environment, or just looking to future-proof against constantly rising bills – we are here to help. We offer free design and consultation service as well as an on-site visit to discuss the options for your property.

    Solar PV Panels

    Solar energy has been used for decades to provide clean and cheap electricity for homes and businesses. With the boom in popularity the cost of installing solar has never been lower while at the same time, the quality of the products has risen with longer warranties and greater performance. 

    Just a few years ago you needed more than 20 panels for a typical property, now 10 panels provide the same amount of power.

    We offer a range of premium brands with most customers looking for black panels to complement their home. All of our products are MCS approved and as an MCS installer your system will be eligible for the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) payments.

    Battery Storage

    If you are not able to take advantage of most of the daytime generation, we can match a suitable sized battery storage system, so you can store your solar energy to use at night.

    If you need even more cheap power you can also charge the battery from the grid with off-peak electricity. There are several tariffs on the market which can help boost your savings, especially in winter.

    As well as low cost electricity over the years, we can also save you over £1,000 up front as the Government reduced VAT to 0% when a battery is installed at the same time as your Solar Panels.

    EV Charging with Solar PV & Battery Storage

    Your new Solar & Battery system will reduce your home electricity costs but they can also power other things including an EV, Plug-in Hybrid and even provide hot water in some cases. 

    Smart charging your electric vehicle with free electricity from your solar panels can be another way to reduce your bills and your carbon footprint away from home. The best part is that the powerful software does it all for you and calculates how to maximise your solar generation and battery storage without complicated settings.

    We can offer several smart EV charge points which are compatible with Solar PV systems.