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Solar PV Testing & Maintenance

Helping customers and insurance companies with their solar pv system repairs for the last 7 years UK wide.

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    Our Solar PV testing & Maintenance service includes the following:

    • Checking of all solar wiring
    • Poor performance of systems checks and diagnosis
    • Failure of components
    • Generation meter checks and swap outs
    • Repairs through insurance claims(home and company)
    • Panels and inverter repairs
    • Repositioning of panels
    • Testing on the output of both A/C and D/C voltages

    We’ve been helping customers and insurance companies with their solar pv system repairs for the last 7 years UK wide. Our team are fully qualified Electrical Engineers and solar trained electricians. Our roofers have been working on installing solar panels for the last 10 years.

    Solar PV panel servicing in Scotland

    If you are having issues with your Solar PV system or you are not getting the output that you were promised then we can help. Solar systems require regular services to make sure that they are working to their optimum. The inverters are easily removed and swapped over if they are faulty, and we will provide you with a further 10 years warranty on the inverter, following our repairs. Most Inverters work for 5 years before they stop working partially or in full and this will cause your full system to stop functioning.

    From large Commercial installations to small domestic installations, we can help with any of your Solar Pv needs across the UK.

    Routine solar PV servicing & maintenance

    Routine maintenance ensures that the solar panels operate at peak efficiency. Over time, panels can accumulate dirt, debris, and other residues, such as bird droppings or fallen leaves, which can obstruct sunlight and decrease efficiency. Jorro’s professional servicing includes cleaning and inspecting the panels to remove these obstructions, thus maintaining optimal energy production. This is important in Scotland, where weather conditions can often leave panels in need of more frequent cleaning.

    Proactive servicing to prevent future solar PV problems

    Jorro’s expertise in servicing can help identify and rectify potential issues before they lead to more significant problems. This includes checking the inverter, wiring, and mounting systems, which are crucial for the safe and efficient operation of the solar array. Early detection of faults means less downtime and can significantly extend the lifespan of the panels.

    Solar PV warranty

    We ensure compliance with solar PV warranty requirements. Most solar panel manufacturers require regular maintenance as a condition of their warranty. Jorro’s professional servicing adheres to these standards, ensuring that warranty terms are met. This not only helps in maintaining the validity of the warranty but also secures your investment by minimising unexpected repair costs over the life of the system.