One of the most common questions people have about electric cars is, “can you travel long distances?”, and the answer is YES. In the UK alone there are over 3,500 public charge points installed and 45% of those are rapid chargers. The good thing about rapid chargers is that they charge your car up to 80% in less than 30 min. Here is a list of all the different public charging networks in the UK.

Pricing Number of Charge PointsLogo (Click To Access Their Site)
£7.85 / month Over 4,000Smiley face
£1.66 / month - £1.80 per charge + £0.30 per Kwh N/ASmiley face
£1.66 / monthOver 2,000Smiley face
Free Over 150 RapidsSmiley face
FreeOver 1,000Smiley face
FreeN/ASmiley face

Information about charging
Zap-MapVisit Zap Map for a full summary map of all different
public charge points all over the UK.
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