Luke McConnell Jorro Team

Luke McConnell – Digital Developer

Happiest when surrounded by Apple products and always on the look out for the cheapest deal, he’s very happy driving one of our Nissan Leafs which he can charge for free at his local charge point!

He helps Jorro to be as efficient as possible, from reducing the amount of paper used to constantly improving our website and customer experience online.

With a new exciting platform due to be launched in the coming months, he is busy working away on top secret apps, websites and other products which will increase the number of people choosing EVs for their next car.

Dominic McNally Jorro Team

Dominic McNally – Managing Director

After a visit to the GreenFleet Show in 2014, Dominic and David decided to form Jorro Ltd. Starting from scratch Dominic quickly established Jorro with the reputation of installing fast chargers with Rolec for our customers in Scotland, both quickly and professionally.

He would like to see the mass-adoption of EVs & PHEVs with more of the general public choosing to plug-in their next car rather than fill it up with fossil fuel. With experience in business development he has set-up and manages our network of approved Jorro electrical contractors. This provides Jorro with nation wide coverage while our customers enjoy local service from local trades.

If you would like to become a Jorro approved contractor for either domestic and/or commercial charge points get in touch.

David Pickles Jorro Team

David Pickles – Director & Brand Development

Our resident car geek and renewable technology expert, David combines both of these traits to great effect for Jorro. After graduating from Glasgow School of Art in Product Design, he went into business development and uses his problem solving skills to try and make the customer experience as seamless as possible.

He is very keen to see the increased adoption of zero emission vehicles but also has a passion for locally generated low carbon power. He believes that you should think about where the electricity comes from that powers your home and new EV – Solar PV allows you to power your car from the sun!

If you have any questions about what EV or PHEV you are interested in, get in contact and he’ll be happy to help. Look out for some of his reviews on the models available on the market and his very own Nissan Leaf is used daily and has already covered over 1,100 miles!